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Granny Nancy

The magical and inspiring story of Ireland’s Oldest lady. As the world stood still in a pandemic, 107 year old Granny Nancy & her granddaughter Lou stood forward!
A tale of hope, healing, good humour & loads and loads of love! You will never read a story like this ever again.

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First off, thanks a million for finding my virtual home. Come on in, make yourself comfy, put those weary feet up, relax your soul, I’ve the kettle on the boil so it’s time to escape that other world and welcome into mine! 
How do you know me? Well, myself and my 107 year old best friend ‘Granny Nancy’ took on the world when Covid19 arrived & since losing her to Heaven on 10.09.2021 my promise to Gran was to continue spreading light, love & laughter in the world, so here I am. I’m presently writing my first book and you’ve guessed it, it’s all about the amazing and miraculous 107 year old Granny Nancy. Hoping to have it in your hand by the end of the year. Exciting times ahead! Keep on coming, it’s time to travel Lou’s house and see what’s in here! 😉

Living and Laughing with Lou
 My name is Louise Coghlan (best known as Lou) and I am a writer, public speaker, and all-around communicator & I love a good laugh.

Louise Coghlan

Who was Granny Nancy?


Granny Nancy Stewart was born on October 16th 1913. She lived to one month short of her 108th birthday when she passed from this life to the next on September 10th 2021. Granny was not only the oldest woman but she also was the oldest woman living in her own home. Granny enjoyed a miraculous life of health and was independent until her dying day with great mobility, a clear mind, a great appetite, an inspiring faith & the most gorgeous smile! She was everyone’s friend & was loved by so many who met her in person or virtually.

Lou and granny nancy

There is a rumour that Granny Nancy knew more people that anyone of us will ever know in our lifetimes & I have to agree. From our social personality from a young age right up to her 107th year, whereby myself and herself were video calling anyone who messaged our Facebook page to appearing on BBC, Channel 4 and other international media outlets, Granny Nancy truly became an inspiration to so many. Everyday post arrived for us from all over the world & still to this day, I am still receiving such beautiful communications from so many people who loved & believed in Granny Nancy. She has left us all with a smile on our face & has given great hope to so many.

Granny Nancy

Having broken her hip at 105 on Christmas Eve, Granny Nancy not only beat the odds by living to one hundred and seven, but on the occasion of her fall, she proved to not only all the medical professional, ourselves and even herself, that even something as harsh as a hip break at 105, that nothing can stop you if you believe in yourself. Within six weeks she was walked around as if she never broken a sweat never mind a very important body part. On top of that, Granny survived two pandemics, a number of World War’s, food rationing, living without electricity nor rights for women, she saw Ireland break free of English rule and saw the world live on zoom in 2020. She prayed for everyone & everyone believed in the magic of her prayer and I’ve no doubt she is now a Saint in Heaven. She was for sure a real life miracle on earth & I’ll always be so proud to share her with you & the world!

It struck me on my first meeting with Louise, shortly after Granny Nancy’s death, that she was a storyteller bursting with detail about their antics as well as anecdotes about her grandmother’s wisdom and nurturing nature. Louise has written a book we can all relate to, that generations to come will benefit from. The tale of a grandmother and granddaughter navigating an international emergency and how they invited us all in, to live and love and learn with them

Sahm Venter – Journalist & Editor of ‘The Prison Letters of Nelson Mandela’

The life story of Granny Nancy will be published and released before the end of 2022. The book will be called ‘Granny Nancy – The Lady Who Lived, Loved and Laughed for 107 Years’. The book is a very simple book and is told in Granny’s own words through Lou interviewing her on different topics. The book will include a vast array of colourful photos of Granny Nancy & Lou’s time together during the many lockdowns. It will also include ‘The Letter of Hope’, words from the Facebook family & also contributions from well-known Irish people too. This promises to be a must-have book & one we will all treasure forever more.

I recorded an interview with her that day for RTE Television and radio and it got one of the largest responses I ever received over a career lasting well beyond 25 years in broadcasting. Looking into the camera, with a wicked sense of urgency in her voice, Nancy said the Minister for Housing needed to provide homes at an affordable rate for the many people around the country who have no home of their own and were staying in hotels and other accommodation

Ciaran Mullooly – Former RTE Midlands Correspondent
“I love being part of Lou’s Facebook family. The page is led by Louise, and she takes us on varying journeys of life twice a day fun mixed with reality of life the good things the difficult things the lighter things of life mixed with natural environmental, nature and prayer. It’s uplifting listening to her stories. And as for her Granny Nancy, this lady prays with us and for us, and gives us all of her great advice too.”
Patricia Finn

What People Say!

"A wonderful fun loving , non-judgmental and accepting space to chat and have fun! It’s a great space you provide. Thank you so much Louise!"
San Connolly
"Louise is an absolute tonic…She definitely has the gift of the gab and is also a very intelligent young lady. I usually watch the rosary online in our parish of Priorswood with our own two wonderful Capuchin priests Bryan & Bill. And then I switch over to Louise…She always finds something interesting to discuss and we all love Granny Nancy…What a legend of a lady at 107. Thanks for the company & the laughs Louise. It is a real pleasure to listen to such a caring and knowledgeable young lady x."
Marie Tyrrell Kearney

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