Living And Laughing With Lou – Granny Nancy

About Lou

For those of you who are new to me, my name is Lou & I love life. I try my best to create a space of hope, healing, happiness, and loads of light for you to soak in. The world is a tricky old space but even in its darkest moments, I promise I will try my very best to shine a bright light of love in your direction. 

Well if you’ve been following me and Gran on social media, you will know me well by now. I tend to share all parts of my world and my thoughts, all based on the consensus that no matter what’s happening, a mug of tea will be at the centre of it. 

I have been a carer for the last few years while minding, living and loving with my very best friend and Ireland’s oldest lady, Granny Nancy. Granny lived at home and it was throughout the pandemic that we started reaching out to the world and to our pure and utter joy, the world reached back. We ran a facebook page called ‘Living and Laughing with Lou’ and as they say we never looked back. Sadly and devastatingly to my world, Granny let go of my hand and went to God and to my dad in Heaven on September 10th, 2021. Since that moment, I’ve been traveling my path alongside my social media family, particularly my facebook family as I adjust to life without her while being unbelievably grateful for all she gave me. My tears fall as I think of her but my face lights up as my heart feels her love inside me. Thank you for finding my home here and be sure to join me on all my social media platforms as that’s where I share my daily meanderings, musings, and most importantly messing.

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